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a coral a dance


      the sand a water flowing

            a leap a laughter

Marjan is a stage and film actor based in the San Francisco Bay area. Born and raised in Iran she came to the US to attend college, where she studied architecture and historic preservation. After working in the field for several years, she decided to take acting classes on a whim and was completely caught off guard by how much she loved it. Hence she started a new life and journey as an actor. She started taking acting classes ferociously at ACT and Berkeley Repertory among other studios. She has also been studying continuously at Seydway Studios, with Richard Seyd for the past five years. She was last seen as Betty Five in Collective Rage at the Pear Theatre.

Hair Color: Brown          

Eyes Color: Hazel             

Height: 5”4 

American and French Passports

NY and Los Angeles local housing

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