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Marjan is a stage and film actor based in the San Francisco Bay area. She grew up in Iran and came to the US to attend college. Acting was the best accident that happened to her life.

She was last seen in Seven, reading for Mukhtar Mai at the Contra Costa Civic Theatre, and she will be in a recording with Altarena Playhouse, playing several roles in Motherhood Out Loud On May 20 and 21.

Hair Color: Brown               Height: 5”4 

Eyes Color: Hazel

About Me

American and French Passports

NY and Los Angeles local housing


Multi Ethnic Theater| Trojan Women| Lewis Campbell 

Temple Dancer

Roy Cohn and Mama

TheatreFirst| Participants| Susannah Martin & Bridgette Loriaux

Vashti (understudy)

SF Playhouse| Trouble Cometh| May Adrales


Plapytus Theatre| Lysistrata| Pascale Couderc

Staged Reading

Contra Costa Civic Theatre| Seven| Marilyn langbehn

Mukhtar Mai (zoom reading)

Playwright's Center| A Clean Well-Lighted Park Bench| Suzan Lorraine

Wasp/Shadow People

Golden Thread Productions| Migraants| Nima Dehghani

Dancer, Presenter & Girl 3

One Acts & Snacks| Upstairs| Lance Gardner


Palo Alto Players| Give it all back| Patrick Klein

Patsy Peifer, Taylor, Translators

Playwright's Center| A Dutiful Wife| John Ferreira




MTLACfilms| Aye, Boy| Nance

Hoff Productions| Jefferey Dahmer, Killer Cannibal| Joyce Dhmer


Jeff Rosenplot| West Coast Rachael| Neta Kastner


Prabhat Telidevara| Missing| Detective Foster



Daniel Thompson| The Cleaners| Charlotte

Special Skills

Fluent in Farsi and proficient in French

Dialects: Persian, French, Israeli, British RP, Indian

Intermediate Piano

Yoga, Swimming, Hula Hoop

Knitting, Sewing

Can drive a stick shift

Training & Workshops

SITI Company (NY), American Conservatory Theatre (ACT), ACT Summer Congress, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Graduate of the Actors Space

Acting: Richard Seyd, David Keith, Patrick Russell, Marvin Greene, Susan Jane Harrison

On Camera: David Keith, Deb Fink, Michael Navarra

Audition Technique: Amy Potozkin, Janet Foster, Lauren English

Speech and Dialect: Lynne Soffer, Drew Khalouf

Voice: Stephanie Hunt

Improvisation: Barbara Scott

Movement: Mark Jackson, Patrick Russell

Clowning: Letitia Bartlett, Patrick Russell

Voice Over: Sarah Kliban, Kathy Garver, Bobwood 

**Ongoing Acting classes at Seydway Studios with

    Richard Seyd

Downloadable Headshot

Downloadable Resume